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I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who served on Edinburgh # 8 in April 2019 for allowing me to serve as your team leader. Our journey commenced in late January and culminated in a profoundly impactful Kairos weekend.

My involvement in this journey into Kairos leadership began even earlier when Don, the weekend leader for Edinburgh Kairos #6, confided in me about his struggles in finding someone to undertake the role of inside coordinator. At that point, I had only participated in one Kairos weekend and was still navigating the nuances of the Kairos Ministry. Admittedly, I had a considerable learning curve ahead of me. Given my background, stepping into this role seemed illogical. Throughout my life, I had always viewed myself as a follower rather than a leader—a devout Catholic who preferred the anonymity of the back rows during church services, quietly offering prayers before slipping away.

Nevertheless, I felt a profound calling from God to join the Kairos ministry. As I shared with the team in my opening remarks during our initial meetings, I had recently emerged from a period of personal setbacks that had opened my heart and mind to the possibility of engaging in a ministry like Kairos.

As Kairos tradition dictates, each individual can only lead one weekend, necessitating the continuous recruitment of new leaders to sustain the ministry. Faced with an unexpected and seemingly out-of-character decision, I distilled the decision to its essence, and I prayed: 

  1. Do I believe in the mission of Kairos?

  2. Do I believe that God calls me to be a part of Kairos?

For me, the answer to both questions was a resounding yes. So, armed with the uninhibited enthusiasm that only a Kairos rookie possesses, I approached Don and expressed my interest in the Inside Coordinator role, thus embarking on my 1-year journey to Edinburgh #8.

It has been an extraordinary voyage—marked by moments of profound humility as God worked through me in ways that stretched me beyond my comfort zone. Simultaneously, it has left me drained and invigorated, compelling me to lean on God for guidance and strength.

The unwavering support from the Edinburgh Kairos community was instrumental in empowering me—a relative newcomer who had only experienced one Kairos weekend and possessed no relevant experience—to lead a successful Kairos weekend.

To anyone who has been asked to think about leading a weekend, is contemplating leading a Kairos weekend, or believes in the transformative power of Kairos, I urge you to consider participating in the AKT training. The Edinburgh Kairos Community is a unique and invaluable entity—within the prison walls and beyond—that I fervently hope will endure with your continued support for years.

Travis Burgan

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